Established in 1938, Conradie Park is set to retain two of its 82yr old heritage buildings. These majestic structures are currently being restored and will serve as the community library and an events center. With its 380m2 of floor space, the events center will be able to host both small and big events ranging from a bingo night to weddings and anniversary celebrations (Plus don’t forget kids movie night on Wednesdays!).

Communal Sports

Sport and fitness activities are comprehensively catered for in this new precinct. From taking a jog through the grand park, to playing a full field soccer match, Conradie Park has an activity for you.

Located in the heart of Conradie Park, the sports and recreational facility will form the backbone of the active realm. Able to host a full open air soccer match, the center will also have ample indoor sports spaces. These will be home to indoor basketball or netball, a climbing wall and many more.


With over 10 000m2 of retail space planned for Conradie Park, there is something for everyone. From the major shopping center located in the western corner of the site to the numerous pocket retail spaces located on the foot of most buildings.

Public Transport

Major transport upgrades are being undertaken as part of the Conradie Park development. A dedicated pedestrian & cycling walkway, fully monitored by CCTV starting from Conradie Park to the Mutual station is currently under construction. This link will give a direct secure route to the train and taxi stations allowing for a quick and easy connection to various destinations.

Further plans are on the table to add the Conradie Park development to the MyCity bus routes which will further increase the connectivity.


Security and peace of mind are at the forefront of Conradie Park. The entire development is encapsulated in a fenced perimeter monitored by a network of thermal cameras. In addition, the two vehicular entrances are fully equipped with a licence plate recognition system.

Landscaped and Pocket Parks

Greenery and the great outdoors is a massive part of Conradie Park, from our various mini “pocket-parks” dotted throughout the Precinct, to our main, 22,000m2 linear park that takes us back to our roots of being one with nature, come and enjoy a safe environment with something to do for everyone. Even come and test your legs with our Saturday morning 5km Park run, ready and waiting for the entire family! With a pedestrian orientated environment, where people take preference over cars, families can enjoy a safe, outdoor lifestyle with peace of mind!

Fibre & Wifi

The entire Precinct has the latest, state-of-the-art fibre network and backbone. These are supported by key public wi-fi hot-spots to encourage community engagement, education and learning. With various fibre and wifi packages available within all the residential units, one can stay up to date with the latest news and information, as well stream the latest movie for the family!

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